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Kazhmir Hall is a Washingtonian, born and raised in the Eckington area of, DC. The World was graced with this Gem on September 23, 1990. Kazhmir has always loved people, and considers herself a gregarious Woman. Others like to call her the Life of the Party! She is a proud mom to her son Maurice Ford, Jr. Kazhmir takes full pleasure in raising her son to make a difference in this world. Kazhmir attended DC Publics Schools, and she is currently enrolled in the University of the District of Columbia. She will receive her Bachelors degree in Digital Media. Kazhmir has a desire to become a talk show host(stay tuned). She is invading the media, and culture with Jesus Christ and Faith. Kazhmir is a Christian, and she delights herself in the Lord, her Heavenly Father. She enjoys ministering and praying for others. On May 24, 2021, Kazhmir was faced with the most devastating time in her life, the transition of her little brother, Vedo Hall. She began to look at life from a different angle. With the Grace of God she has turned her pain into purpose and a platform to comfort others. As God continues to sustain her, she is creating generational blessings for herself and her family. Kazhmir Hall is a Game Changer! She is known for a legacy of Faith, and a devoted Love for Jesus Christ.

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by: Kazhmir Chanel Hall

AUTOGRAPHED COPY, as well as a personal message to the reader.

In this book I am sharing with readers all about my experience during my Faith Journey. There is alot of fine print in this faith walk that I've discovered, and I want to hip yall to it. I also share a moment when pain and grief enabled me to reject my faith in God. That's when I discovered His everlasting love.

We all have experienced life altering moments that has us wondering "Where is God in this?" But God is right there the entire time, to sustain us. Many people share testimonies once they get through it. However, I am sharing my testimony while it is still being made, and you all are apart of it! So join me as I share my sometimes complicated, not sure what's next, but I still trust You, love story with God. This is a Holy Spirit Takeover!

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"All things are possible when you Believe"

Mark 9:23